Concrete Repair for Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW)

concrete repairAre you needing to level and repair a concrete issue, but don’t know where to begin or what your options are? Is some part of a driveway or street vanishing under pools of water? Are cracks in your concrete a trip hazard for your visitors, patrons or the general public? Is a lane lip creating lane shifting hazards on roadways?

Any of these issues can be devastating — not only to your bottom-line and loss of time, but to human life and health. Don’t risk potential lawsuits.

Are you confused by all the ins-and-outs surrounding the latest concrete repair methods? You’ve got epoxy injections, stitching, gravity filling, and concrete raising.

And you have various options too, such as replacing expansive sections altogether.

Confused? You’re not alone! Most people are. That’s why we here at Rite Jack Concrete Repair are here to help — by offering free on-site consultations, so that you can gain all the information you need before you end up paying for services you don’t need.

DFW concrete repairEven if you don’t use Rite Jack to repair your concrete hazard, we encourage you not to make a move unless you have answers to these crucial questions…

  • You need to know what equipment should be used and why it’s so important.
  • Why one method should be used in certain cases but not in others.
  • How one approach can save you thousands of dollars while others may not even solve your problem — and will only keep you dependent on expensive maintenance procedures, month after month, year after year.

Let us assist you with a FREE On-Site Consultation!

Profession & Prompt Concrete Repair!

It has been a pleasure working with RJ Concrete Repairs

RJ Concrete Repair performed work for the University of Texas at Dallas for the last four years. They have always done an excellent job in a professional and courteous manner to our staff and students.   RJ Concrete Repair has always kept a professional site (traffic control, trash pickup and clean up).  On any small issues we may have encountered on any warranty settlement that occurred, they followed up very promptly to resolve the repairs.
George (Sam) Eicke
- Assistant Director for Physical Plant Services University of Texas at Dallas


Do you really need to replace your concrete or can you save half the cost by getting your concrete raised with mud jacking? You won’t know unless you call us.

LET’S SEE WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST. Learn To Properly Evaluate Your Options Before It’s Too Late!

Rite Jack Concrete Repair has more than 20 years experience and have served numerous municipalities, colleges, homeowner’s associations, as well as individual homeowners.

Don’t wait for your problem to spiral out of control — deal with it while it can still be fixed — save half the cost by addressing your issue NOW.