About Us

We started RiteJack Concrete Repair to provide our clients the best workmanship possible. We treat each job-site like our own property. If we see something that could use a different kind of service, besides our own, we help our clients find the perfect fit. We aren’t about selling every job but helping you find what will work best for your needs. Many companies say they value honesty and integrity but it’s truly the only way we do business. We never rig jobs to get work. It either has to be done 100% right or we don’t want it. Everyday, when we go to work, it doesn’t feel like work. Rather, it feels like we are helping others. For many years, we’ve grown our business strictly by word-of-mouth but on a daily basis we get asked, “Do you have a website?” Well, here it is, so more people can get educated on mudjacking and how it can save you so much money!